5 Easy Tips to Write Resume for a Remote Job

If you want to succeed in your job search, tailor your resume for a remote job. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Living nowadays isn’t easy; this is why many people are preparing their resume for a remote job. We have just come out of a global pandemic that has devastated many industries. And many of us are still recovering from it. Some were laid off, some were tragedies of companies declaring bankruptcy, and some were part of the great resignation. Also, we live in an era where inflation is going through the roof. The price of basic necessities like fares has increased more than before. 

One way of overcoming this challenge is applying for a remote job. It is more convenient and accessible to employees as they don’t need to commute and spend their hard-earned money to pay for transportation. It also offers flexible hours and allows you to work from home. However, like most things in life, it isn’t easy. 

Since it has only been a trend since the global pandemic started, many still have difficulty tailoring their resume for a remote job. Some haven’t adjusted yet as they are more familiar with applying for an onsite position. Because of this, even if they are qualified, it doesn’t reflect in their resumes, and recruiters cannot see what they can bring to the job. Thus, passing poorly written resumes results in missed opportunities. 

To succeed in your job search, you must tailor your resume for a remote job. Here are some tips on securing that dream job you’ve been manifesting. 

A remote job applicant reviewing the job description.

1. Review the job description. 

As you’re eyeing your target job, it’s essential to carefully read the job description. This will help build a resume for a remote job that will show that you’re the perfect fit.

Most job descriptions will include several key sections that will give you a good overview of the role. These sections include the job title, the company overview, the position’s responsibilities, and the required skills and qualifications. By taking the time to read these sections, you can use the keywords in these sections to help tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job. 

For example, if the job description mentions that excellent writing skills are required, highlight your writing experience in your application materials. By reviewing a job description carefully, you can show your future employer that you are the perfect person for the job. 

A remote job applicant highlighting their remote work experience.

2. Highlight your remote work experience. 

One way to tailor your resume for a remote job is to highlight your experience working remotely. If you previously held a remote position, list this experience prominently on your resume. The good news is that you already have a valuable skill set that will make you an attractive candidate for a remote job. Now, you only need to ensure that the recruiters will see it. 

First, include any relevant freelance or contract work you’ve done. This will show potential employers that you’re comfortable with the remote work model and can be trusted to work independently. Second, try to quantify your outputs for the scope of your previous work. It doesn’t have to be an exact number; an estimate would suffice. 

Lastly, if you have experience managing other remote workers, mention it. This will demonstrate your ability to lead and manage a team from afar, which is an essential skill for any remote manager.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your experience working remotely is showcased in the best possible light.  

A remote job applicant emphasizing the required skills needed.

3. Emphasize the required skills needed.

To be successful in a remote role, you’ll need to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members who may be located in different time zones or locations. You’ll also need to be self-motivated and can stay on task without direct supervision. Strong time management and organizational skills are essential, as is the ability to troubleshoot technical issues that may arise. When writing your resume for a remote job, highlight any past experience that would emphasize these skills. 

If you’re applying for a virtual medical assistant position, be sure to mention any experiences in the same field. Don’t forget to include evidence. This can consist of what documents you managed or tools previously used. or You can also organize through bulleted points to summarize your previous job responsibilities. 

Second, don’t forget to mention any relevant coursework or certifications. Even if you don’t have direct work experience in a particular field, if you have taken courses or gotten certified in something relevant to the job, be sure to list it on your resume. For example, if you’re applying for a remote writing job and have taken creative writing courses, that’s definitely worth mentioning.

A remote job applicant mentioning the collaboration tools and software they've used.

4. Mention collaboration tools and software you’ve used. 

To get the remote job you’re manifesting, editing your resume to showcase your experience with collaboration tools is essential. After all, working remotely requires different skills than working in an office. So be sure to list any experience you have with popular collaboration tools, such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, and Google Workspace. 

By including these in your resume for a remote job, you’ll show that you’re familiar with the technologies that remote teams use to stay connected and productive. In addition, you’ll be able to provide specific examples of how you’ve used these tools to succeed in your previous roles.

A remote job applicant proofreading and reviewing their resume.

5. Proofread and review. 

Finally, make sure your resume is error-free and easy to read. Make it concise and remove any sentences that will make it too wordy. Employers will look for candidates who can communicate clearly and effectively in a remote job setting. Take the time to proofread your resume and ensure it is error-free before sending it off.

In addition, you may have someone who has a similar remote job to what you’re applying for to review your resume. They may have some helpful insights. If you can’t find one, you may review sample resumes online.

Now that you’ve tailored your resume, what’s next? 

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