We are a US-based virtual assistant company that provides exceptional Filipino VAs to businesses worldwide.

Undoubtedly, we are confined in our homes with offices closed and the world pretty much at a standstill. Especially since the pandemic has forced a new way of life on us, we need to adapt to it with lightning speed. Despite this unprecedented circumstance, we see a promising advantage for workplaces to stay closed yet continue operating right smack from people’s dwellings. That’s why the solution? – Going virtual!

Born at the height of Covid, when business owners and establishments need guidance to thrive, Core Virtual Solutions couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In particular, we provide effective solutions by helping build a digital workplace for our clients from various industries in North America. Evidently, through top-notch service from our Virtual Assistants in the Philippines, we help companies adapt to the new norms with ease by doing virtually anything that can be done remotely.

Built with a strong service mindset, strengthened by our vision, and reinforced by the needs of global communities, we are indeed the heart of businesses. We are CORE.


Why Choose Us?

As more and more businesses shift their operations online, the need for virtual assistants has grown exponentially. As a virtual assistant company, we offer various services to our clients. Hence, we always need virtual assistants who can help us provide the best possible service.

At Core Virtual Solutions, we offer the perfect blend of benefits and opportunities for those looking to further their career. First and foremost, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package. We also provide our virtual assistants with the latest tools and technologies, so they can always be at the forefront of the industry.

In addition, we offer regular training and development opportunities, so our virtual assistants can continue to grow and develop their skills. Finally, we believe in work-life balance and offer flexible working hours to allow our virtual assistants to maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

Therefore, if you are a virtual assistant looking for an opportunity to work with a reputable and growing company, we encourage you to apply at Core Virtual Solutions. So, if you are ready to take your career to the next level, join our team.


Our  Triple-A Values

  • A

    Subscribing to a culture of transparency and uphold strong morals and ethics in the digital space, responsible for our actions and conduct, creating future integrity leaders.

  • A

    Shining a light and giving seamless, human, and genuine support to our clients through innovative, relationship-based services that help them be at their peak and exceed their full potential.

  • A

    Empowering individuals to challenge the status quo and go beyond expectations, taking ownership of their decision and flourishing with the right mindset, self-development skills, and growth resources

Our Essential 3Cs





To give entrepreneurs and professionals genuine support to help boost their business performance by providing personalized, flexible, and responsible care that goes beyond the ordinary.


We empower entrepreneurs and professionals by providing them with cost-efficient yet notable quality of client service through our top-notch virtual assistants.


A robust virtual community of clients and their business advocates bridged by technology, driven together in pursuit of shared goals.

Promise to Our Advocates

Achieve More.
Do Best

We’ll help you achieve more while you do your best.

We work with our hearts and manage with our minds.

Industries We Serve

Core Virtual Solutions aims to grow and serve our international virtual communities as a virtual assistant company. So, get into the following industries that match your skills!

Healthcare and Medical
Real Estate
Solar Energy
Property Management
Mortgage & Insurance
Human Resource & Finance
Business Coaching

VA Services We Offer

Administrative Virtual Staff
Marketing Virtual Staff
Medical & Healthcare Support
Customer Service Help Desk
Lead Generations Sales & Retention


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