7 Essential Hard Skills as Virtual Assistants

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If you want to start your journey in a remote job space, there are crucial hard skills as virtual assistants (VAs) that you need to possess. This path, as much as it is rewarding, isn’t easy. The market for virtual assistants is getting increasingly competitive each day as many people transition from their onsite job to applying for remote positions such as a VA. For instance, there are currently 1 million virtual assistants in the Philippines. It’s challenging to stand out with so many competitors in the field. So, you don’t just need to be intelligent or qualified; you need to be a complete package. 

In addition to soft skills that you must have, there are essential hard skills as virtual assistants that you need to check on your list.

Data entry as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

1. Data entry 

As a virtual assistant, this hard skill is highly needed. In most businesses, keeping track of records and data is essential. This skill includes inputting data into the company system and authenticating if such data is correct from the source. In performing this task, you must be keen on paying attention to details and can comprehend complex information.

Planning and scheduling as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

2. Planning and scheduling 

One of the common problems of business owners is organizing their calendars. Because of their overwhelming meetings, clients, and tasks to accomplish, they need someone to schedule these accordingly in their calendars so they can go about their day smoothly. So, planning and scheduling must be included in your list of hard skills as virtual assistants. 

As a virtual assistant, you need to be able to coordinate with your boss and external clients and make sure that no appointments overlap with each other. In addition, keeping track of their deadlines and important dates is a must so they won’t have to worry about missing anything. In doing so, you also need to identify which activities are urgent so you can manage your client’s calendar accordingly.

Customer service as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

3. Customer service 

In your journey as a virtual assistant, it is impossible not to encounter talking to your client’s customers, clients of their own, or patients, as the case may be. Excelling at this skill requires you to have good written and oral communication skills, so you can talk to anyone while building good rapport. 

Establishing a relationship with a customer means you are well-informed and confident with what your company can offer. Remember that you are representing your client here. So, it’s vital that you understand and resolve the customer’s immediate needs. For example, suppose a patient is asking for the specialization of your boss, who is a physician. In that case, you must be able to relay the services your client provides so the patient will choose your boss as their doctor. 

In providing customer service, you must also be adept at communication tools such as telephone calls, email, social media platforms, and other messaging channels your client will require. By having exceptional customer service skills, there is a high chance that you will retain your client’s customers.

Writing skills and research skills as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

4. Writing skills and research skills 

Being a virtual assistant, you will not only be required to talk to external clients but you will also be required to communicate with your boss and other team members. In addition to ensuring that your written outputs are grammatically correct, being a good writer requires you to convey your message clearly and concisely. This includes reports, emails, or formal letters. Hence, you must be confident with the way you write. 

Another must-have skill is your ability to locate and evaluate information and collate them into a comprehensible report. It also includes assessing whether the data source is reliable or whether a piece of information is relevant to your client’s needs. 

As such, writing and researching must be reflected in your resume as your hard skills as virtual assistants. 


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Ability to use online workspace as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

5. Ability to use online workspace 

You are well aware that a virtual assistant’s job is done remotely. In organizing and collaborating tasks as a VA, you must be experienced with online workspaces such as Trello, Notion, or Google Workspace. These can help your client navigate your task and manage your ongoing projects. So, being familiar with these tools can show your client that you are well-versed in holding a remote job. In your summary of hard skills as virtual assistants, being a master at navigating an online workspace will definitely make you stand out. 

Technical competence as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

6. Technically competent 

As a VA, your internet connection and computer are your lifelines as you perform all of your tasks through it. Without your knowledge of leveraging online devices, you will not be able to acquire a remote job. It is not enough that you know how to open and type on your laptop. You need to be able to maximize your device and fix any problem you may encounter. Being responsible for having a backup is also essential to avoid interrupting your service. Without these hard skills as virtual assistants, your employers will not trust that you can manage yourself in the remote sphere.

Expertise in using word processors as one of the essential hard skills of a virtual assistant.

7. Expert in using word processors 

This essential skill is a present need in almost every industry. Word processors include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, or Google docs, Google Slide, or Google Sheets. You use these tools to collate research for your client, write a report, or input data for your company’s record. Being an expert in using these tools is definitely an advantage as recruiters will see that you can work quickly and won’t take time navigating their preferred tools.

Is the checklist already complete?

If you’ve ticked off all the hard skills on this list, you’re on your way to applying for the remote job you’ve always wanted. However, finding a company that would take care of you and your client simultaneously isn’t easy. At CORE, we ensure you receive what you deserve, from benefits and competitive salary to paid leaves! 

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