9 Virtual Assistant Resume Guide: Things to not include in your resume

With so much information about remote work roaming the internet, read this Virtual Assistant resume guide first!

With so much information about remote work roaming the internet, read this Virtual Assistant resume guide first!

What is the importance of writing a good resume?

A well-written resume is a crucial component for obtaining a job. It serves as a first impression for your potential employer and should demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position. It should include all relevant work history, individual skills, education, and other accomplishments pertinent to the job you are applying for. 

A good resume allows a recruiter or potential employer to see what you can bring to the job at a glance. In addition, it is also another way of demonstrating that you have taken the time to present yourself professionally. This will put your application ahead of many others and increase the chance recruiters will notice you. Overall, taking the time to thoughtfully write your resume can make the difference between being chosen for an interview and being forgotten in the applicant pile.

The guides below are general guidelines, so unless the job post specifically requires them, don’t include them in your job application. 

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Read these Virtual Assistant resume guides!

A Virtual Assistant excluding skills unrelated to the job post in her resume.

1. Skills unrelated to the job post 

It is essential to keep your Virtual Assistant (VA) resume business-focused. Don’t post irrelevant skills or hobbies that have nothing to do with the job post, or it won’t be taken seriously by employers. Instead, prioritize Virtual Assistant resume guides emphasizing relevant experience and qualities such as problem-solving, customer service, and organizational skills. Such an approach will make it easier for employers to grasp your strengths and capabilities for specific Virtual Assistant job openings.

A Virtual Assistant excluding general job experiences in her resume.

2. General job experiences

Knowing what experiences to include on your virtual assistant resume can make or break your job hunt. The purpose of your resume is to show potential employers how your unique experiences, skills, and qualifications make you the best candidate for the job. Providing generalized job descriptions won’t give employers much insight into how you would be an asset to their team. Instead, focus on listing detailed examples of relevant accomplishments and projects that have prepared you for the virtual assistant role. Following this Virtual Assistant resume guide will surely get you far.

A Virtual Assistant excluding grammatical errors and unedited content  in her resume.

3. Grammatical errors and unedited content 

A well-crafted resume increases the chance of securing your desired job or promotion. Many employers evaluate potential Virtual Assistants based on the presentation of their resumes. Your resume should be concise, organized, and free from grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors to create an impression of professionalism. 

Unedited content could also lead to confusion. So ensure your resume has been read through at least twice for errors. Doing this part of the Virtual Assistant resume guide before submitting it to prospective employers would allow you to do a quality check.

A Virtual Assistant excluding huge block of paragraphs in her resume.

4. Huge block of paragraphs

It is essential to keep in mind that more isn’t always better. Recruiters receiving hundreds of resumes every day is tiring. Similarly, taking the time to sift through old-fashioned paper applications or long blocks of text can be tedious. To make your resume stand out, stick to a one-page guide format with no more than five paragraphs. This approach keeps things clean, concise, and organized and makes recruiters more likely to give your virtual assistant resume the attention it deserves.

A Virtual Assistant excluding personal details in her resume.

5. Personal details

One key aspect of creating a successful resume is ensuring it does not contain any unnecessary personal details. Personal details often distract hiring managers from the relevant experience and skills you can bring to the job. This is why Virtual Assistant resume guides tend to recommend omitting them entirely. Some examples include hobbies, religious affiliations, marital status, age, and political views. It’s essential to keep your resume focused on the qualifications. These should be the ones that will make you stand out from other applicants so you can maximize your chances.

A Virtual Assistant excluding headshots in her resume.

6. Headshot

When constructing your resume, you may be inclined to include a headshot. However, this is unnecessary and can detract from the professional appearance of the document. Instead of having a photo, you should focus on optimizing your credentials to ensure that you stand out from the competition. For example, if you are proficient with specific platforms, put that on your resume. 

A Virtual Assistant excluding hobbies and interests in her resume.

7. Hobbies and interests

Many applicants think that including hobbies and interests in their resume will help them stand out. This, however, is not the case! While it can add some emotional depth to applications, recruiters are mainly interested in seeing your expertise and qualifications instead. Follow this virtual assistant resume guide to ensure your resume presents capabilities correctly and with the right impact!

A Virtual Assistant excluding untrue qualifications in her resume.

8. Untrue qualifications

Everyone knows resumes should reveal your qualifications, experiences, and career trajectory. Most people understand the importance of having an honest and accurate resume. Yet some may be tempted to be creative with the facts to improve their chances of getting hired. This is a sure way to backfire. Employers can easily verify everything you’ve written on your resume by conducting a background check or an interview. If they find any discrepancies or falsehoods, they will not be impressed. In the world of virtual work especially, honesty is critical in developing strong relationships between you and prospective employers.

A Virtual Assistant excluding poorly designed layout in her resume.

9. Poorly designed layout

The Virtual Assistant industry is highly competitive. You must ensure your resume stands out from the rest to capture a potential employer’s attention. A poorly designed layout for your resume can be a red flag for potential employers. This can mean that recruiters can overlook you as a top candidate. 

Investing time creating an eye-catching and organized resume can go a long way with your interviewers. You can do this by utilizing this Virtual Assistant resume guide and other online resources. An aesthetically pleasing resume layout can leave a lasting impression on recruiters. This is why it’s essential to take the time to thoroughly plan out and design your resume before submitting it.

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